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I have a command line script I saved in a file on my PC. How can I create a toolbar button in NB 7.0 so that clicking on this button will run my saved script? Also, what file extension should I name my script file so it will be executable, or does it matter at all?

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Here is a Toolbar button tutorial. And your script can be anything that can be executed in or by Java, the NetBeans Platform does not constrain you in that manner

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In addition to Tim's answer, you can create a simple shortcut to an Ant target, as outlined in the Netbeans Wiki:

  1. Open the Files window and find your build.xml
  2. Expand the build.xml to find your target
  3. Right-click your target and click "Create Shortcut..."
  4. Follow the wizard to create your button.

This can be used to create a menu item, toolbar button, keyboard shortcut or a custom Ant "mini-script."

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