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good morning, o mighty Stack.

we're working on a site built in wordpress, using the genesis theme framework.

it is here,

Everything is fine and dandy in Chrome, Opera, FF and IE (close enough) until you look at it in Mobile Safari on the iPhone and iPad

the #footer-wrapper ( at the bottom, with the clouds and blue strip background ) is width: 100% position: absolute; bottom: 0; but alas, it does not extend all the way to the right of the browser viewport.

i have read a bit on mobile safari choking on position: fixed, but have been unable to locate anything that would be of use to me here. Hence the new Stack_Query.

thanks again, stack.

have a good one.

p.s. i'd like to avoid having to use JavaScript to solve this, ( you know, get the viewport width with jQuery and automagically assign that value to the #footer-wrapper ) but if that's what Stack says, then SO BE IT.

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To prevent hazardous comportment of the viewport, you can configure it. Use <meta>tags to achieve that.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" /> makes the viewport maximized on the device. I have a 100% width footer in a mobile site, with no problem with this code.

Read the official Apple documentation on this topic for further info.

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tyty caffein! this is wicked helpful! problem solved! – joelrnorris Jul 7 '11 at 11:42

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