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I am trying to upload a file in rails (using paperclip), and I want to process some of the file data before letting paperclip send it off to s3 storage. In my controller, I just grab the file parameter (which does give me a file) and then I try to read the lines into an array

csv_file = params[:activity][:data]

array = IO.readlines(csv_file.path)

The problem is, I'm only getting the last line of the file. I tried using .rewind, but still get just the last line.

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I dislike readlines and I always use regular expressions. Try this. End of line - \n

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Handy block structure to ensure that the file handle is closed: do |f|
  a = f.readlines
  process a...

Reading a whole file into memory might not be a good idea depending on the size of the files.

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Thanks, but the same problem still persists - a[0] gives me the last line of the file and a[1] returns nothing. I'm guessing its something to do with paperclip :/ –  mike.surowiec Jun 13 '11 at 16:17

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