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I have the following validator on a textbox inside a modal dialog box.

<asp:RequiredFieldValidator runat = "server" 
                            ErrorMessage = "Role name can not be empty."
                            ControlToValidate = "tbxRoleName" />

It works like it should, except that the validation triggers on every other buttons OnClick handler on the aspx-page too. Since the dialog is invisible it looks like buttons just dont work on the page. My workaround is to add CausesValidation = "false" on all buttons on the page. But it is a very bad solution and I think there should be a smarter way.

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Assign ValidationGroup to each validator and also to the button that should trigger validation (but not the the other button). Something like:

<asp:RequiredFieldValidator ValidationGroup='valGroup1' ... />

<asp:Button ValidationGroup='valGroup1' Text='I trigger validation' ... />
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How about setting a ValidationGroup?

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For those looking at this answer, the technique is to set the ValidationGroup property on the validators and the Button, to associate the Button with a group of validators. – neontapir Apr 23 '13 at 22:17

The Button has a property CausesValidation that can disable the validation for that button. More info here:

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