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Is there a way to store a field with a string of individually boosted keywords? Example: storing... 'Science'^2.0, 'Vehicles'^8.0, 'Crimes'^11.0 in a single field?

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No. Index-time boosts are applied per-doc and/or per-field.

You may of course use keyword boosting at query-time.

Another option (depending on what you need concretely) would be using Payloads

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Could I use a dynamic field? So, store a boost in the value and have fields like, science_taxonomy and crimes_taxonomy and have the dynamic field of *_taxonomy ??? –  tonycoco Jun 13 '11 at 16:59
@tonycoco: yes, that would work as a workaround. –  Mauricio Scheffer Jun 13 '11 at 17:16

Index-time boosts are indeed only applied per field, and you cannot boost terms via copyfield (copy a bunch of boosted fields into an unboosted field and have the boost apply per copy).

However, you can use this hack to create your own "boost" by copying a term multiple times into the same field. It will "boost" the relevancy of the term if you use the copied field instead of the original for search queries. It will not, however, be an "exact" boost.

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