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I am new to AWS development and want to use python interface boto for the development. I am currently using Google App Engine and it has simulation platform included in its SDK that I am using for development. I am wondering, if there is such simulation/emulation platform exists for AWS also. If there is no such platform then How can I as developer test my web apps before going to actual AWS servers.

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The Open-source project Eucalyptus implements Amazon's APIs over your own hardware. This provides a way to implement your own 'private cloud', but doesn't provide you with a local simulation of the EC2 cloud (though possibly you could rig it up as such).

Such a 'local testing' environment would be tough, since an EC2 instance is an entire virtual machine, and as such would consume a lot of resources on your development machine (let alone if you needed to emulate multiple of them). EC2 is fundamentally different from App Engine - with EC2 you're renting virtual machines, and you can test on them just as easily as on a local VM.

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Amazon offers a "Free Tier" that provides limited free usage to all off their cloud stack. This is perfect for testing, and even production hosting of low volume sites/applications.


There are some third party emulations to some parts of the AWS stack, but there is no official emulation tool from Amazon, and none of the third-party offerings are complete...

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