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I'm trying to achieve an application that allows to shoot a photo and display some informations.

When starting the application UIImagePickerController is displayed immediatly. Once photo is taken and the user has clicked "use" on the preview screen, I display a first view. In background I contact a server and when I get the response, I display the result view.

My problem is when I try to come back to the UIImagePickerController. The back button invokes "popToRootViewControllerAnimated", getting back to the UIImagePickerController : the camera is running but instead of displaying shoot button, I see preview buttons !

How can I reset UIImagePickerController ? do I need to allocate a new one ?

Thanks and regards


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Apply dealloc in viewWillDisappear:, then in your viewWillAppear: create a new instance to your liking.

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I don't know where to implement both methods. My main controller is the UIIMagePickerController, so I can't dealloc it from itself. Do I need to create My own UINavigationController with a first "empty" controller which will instanciate the UIImagePickerController in its viewWillAppear method ? Seems a bit complicated ... – william Jun 14 '11 at 20:12
Finally, I created an empty view and implement viewWillAppear method to instanciate the UIImagePicker. The UIImagePicker's delegate is my EmptyViewController and I deallocate the picker from didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo method. Thanks BigE. – william Jun 20 '11 at 8:15

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