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I need to be able to set up a background hotkey event for a WPF application. (by background I mean that the application in question might not necessary be in focus).

I know that with WinForms the proper way of doing it would be to import user32.dll, and use RegisterHotKey, and the catch the appropriate WM_POST message. I'm convinced that there has to be a better solution with WPF, then using user32.dll, but I have been unable to find anything. Any suggestions? Thanks

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I don't think WPF has any built in support for hotkeys, at least I couldn't find any and I used RegisterHotKey directly.

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Agreed, seems like RegisterHotKeys is the only solution. –  vicjugador Mar 15 '09 at 23:57

This has an excellent example (see 5.2 "Registering the System Hotkey"):


It uses the Managed Windows API, which is a great wrapper around a lot of the legacy api calls.

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Why not using Commanding infrastructure provided by WPF? You could try assigning some command bindings for you main window and provide some key gestures for it...

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You either have to use WinForm like you said or Win32.

I have made a solution in a class (Win32) that you can use directly in a wpf solution. Just put the class in a separate DLL and any calls to win32 will be transparent to you (and will let you continue to use edit and continue properly). Hope it helps.

enter link description here

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