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I need to add a behavior to ModalWindow such that when a user clicks outside of the modal, if a certain condition is met (checked server-side in my respond() method), the modal is dismissed.

I tried implementing something based on this answer. The problem is that I can't attach a click listener to the modal window div because it's not added to the DOM until the modal is shown (the example attaches a keyup to the document itself.)

I thought of extending ModalWindow and adding the JS via getShowJavascript(), but then I don't have any means to connect it to an AbstractDefaultAjaxBehavior.respond() method for the test.

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I solved this by adding the behavior not to the modal, but rather to the widget I add to the modal via ModalWindow.setContent(). When my widget is added to the modal, the mask div is present in the DOM, and I can then successfully attach a click handler.

To wit:

public static class CloseModalOnOutsideClickBehavior extends AbstractDefaultAjaxBehavior
    private final ModalWindow modal;

    public CloseModalOnOutsideClickBehavior(ModalWindow modal)
        this.modal = modal;

    protected void respond(AjaxRequestTarget target)
        if (myConditionIsMet()) modal.close(target);

    public void renderHead(IHeaderResponse response)
        response.renderJavascript("" +
                "$(document).ready(function() {\n" +
                "  $('div.wicket-mask-dark').bind('click', function(evt) {\n" +
                        getCallbackScript() + "\n" +
                "        evt.preventDefault();\n" +
                "  });\n" +
                "});", "closeModal");

Note that I'm somewhat precariously depending on the modal window's mask having a class named "wicket-mask-dark"; this may not be the case if you alter the CSS settings used by ModalWindow.

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