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I have builds set up in Jenkins that use custom workspaces (for the purpose of having no spaces in the path names), that use SCM (git) polling to check for changes. However, in what seems like exactly every 24 hours, I see a triggered build that has this polling log:

Started on Jun 13, 2011 5:21:32 PM
No workspace is available, so can't check for updates.
Scheduling a new build to get a workspace.
Done. Took 1 ms
Changes found

It appears to be scheduling a build simply to obtain a workspace (something I expressly do not want to happen) even though nothing has been committed to git. I have unticked the option to remove old builds, do not have a periodic build set up, and use SCM polling once a minute.

I'm stumped and can't provide more detail than this - other than I know the workspace exists on the machine. Is there any way to stop this from happening other than ACTUAL commits to git?

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You could try not using custom workspaces and instead letting Jenkins manage the workspaces. –  Bernard Jun 13 '11 at 20:13

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The changelog for version 1.1.12 indicates that a workspace is no longer required for polling. Upgrading to this version of the plugin fixed this problem for us.

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Gonna give this a go! –  Dave Martorana Sep 29 '11 at 19:23
Did it work? That referred bug is still open(issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-10131) .Anyway the answer deserves an upvote IMHO. –  inger Jan 24 '13 at 11:25
@inger a now-deleted answer by Thom McMurray responded to your question: Still broken. In my case, I'm running Jenkins via tomcat and when I bounce tomcat, my build queue fills up with all the jobs. The scm-polling.log show the same thing though, that there's no workspace when in fact there is. I'm running Jenkins 1.499; Jenkins git plugin 1.1.26; Red Hat Red Hat 4.1.2-44; java version "1.6.0_16"; –  Eamon Nerbonne Aug 21 '13 at 14:47

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