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We've got a joomla website and are now in the process of developing a application to complement it.

Since our website is in joomla, I don't want to have to write any PHP to extract page data separate from the main site.

Is there any type of querystring parameter that can disable the theme?


If this is not possible, is there any other option to achieve similar results?

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index2.php is depreciated and is no longer supported in new versions of Joomla. What you are looking for is ?tmpl=component. You can add that to any Joomla URL and it will only display what you have coded in the /templates/YOUR TEMPLATE/component.php file. The default loads just the component output, but you can customize it to do what ever you want.

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exactly what I was looking for... thank you! –  Chase Florell Jun 15 '11 at 1:16

Do I get your question right: you want to extract the content from the page, without menu and so on? 2 possibilities, then:

  • Extract it from the concerning RSS feed (of the front page, of a category ... if you need more options you can install an component such as Total RSS
  • Use index2.php: example site (This doesn't seem to work if you use URL Rewriting as in your example URL.)
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you can add format=raw in the URL. This will only output the content of the component and not the template.

This is used to show printable pages. You may have to create a view.raw.php file along with the view.html.php

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