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I am able to do a login test with a single user. If I want to do this for concurrent logins, I am told to use a CSV Data Config component, so I followed this advice:

  1. Create a text file containing the user names and passwords, separated by commas. Put this in the same directory as your test plan.
  2. Add a CSV DataSet configuration element to the test plan. Name the variables USER and PASS.
  3. Add a path to the filename in that element (I made sure to check the file path).
  4. Replace the login name with ${USER} and the password with ${PASS} on the Log in (HTTP Request) Sampler.

Sadly, in my login page, I see ${USER} and ${PASS}, instead of the values they represent (those in the CSV file). What am I missing?

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I seriously don't know what I missed, because it now works. I just know that I messed here and there with the jmx file. –  Tshepang Jun 14 '11 at 7:39

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Either jmeter is not finding your files or you have a typo somewhere.

In step no2 : be sure that your "user,pass" are exactly like in the file.

If in the file there a space and you dont in jmeter, he won't find the value, if you have a space in jmeter, he wont found the value. I usally go "user,pass" in the file and jmeter and it work fine.

Like this :

in my csv : myuser,mypass

in jmeter

enter image description here

In step no3 : I usally put the csv file in the root of where the jmeter test is, that way it always find it.

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You might have missed my comment, where I mentioned that the problem got fixed. Thanks though. It was probably a typo. –  Tshepang Jun 15 '11 at 14:51

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