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I am struggling with trying to find the best way to display a relevant result set to my users, and paginate it.

I have a large set of items. The model has several attributes (category, buyability, gender). They denote what kind of product it is, how likely a user is to buy, and also what gender of user is most likely to buy it.

On each page of results I'd like to make sure each of my 7 categories is represented, as well as 4 items that are gender-specific. And the most buyable items should be at the top.

Figuring that out is hard enough, and then adding pagination to the deal- how then does the second page of results know about the results that were already used? How does the 6th page know, if a user skips to it directly? :/

Having a tough time figuring out the most elegant way to do this. I know I can probably write an algorithm to place all the items in the right order and then simply paginate them using Paginator, but it seems like a ton of overhead. Am tossing around several ideas, like storing the 1st page results in a pickle, reading it in and then omitting those results. It all feels very hacky though.

Can anyone point me to an obvious data structure or basic algorithm that I am missing? What strategies do you use to solve similar problems?

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Paginator is the right way to go. You get your items, filter them however they need to be filtered and then use Paginator to page through them. Django caches queries, so it's fairly efficient with this, and Paginator handles all the "where am I at in the stack" stuff for you. – Chris Pratt Jun 13 '11 at 19:12
I think that you are over thinking this, and in my humble opinion i don't find using django paginator an overhead at all and i think the paginator is the easiest and simple way to go in your situation . – mouad Jun 13 '11 at 19:12
OK, lets assume I'll go with Paginator to paginate the results. Is there an algorithm I should look at for sorting my result set according to multiple factors, then, before I try to roll my own solution? – Jack Speno Jun 13 '11 at 19:45
Just add an .order_by() clause to the end of your filter? – Steve Mayne Jun 14 '11 at 9:40

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