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Does anyone have any good extensions for WinDBG? Specifically managed code? I obviously use SOS, and I've heard/dabbled with a few others as necessary in the past, but never saved them (d'oh!).

I don't really have any good collection of extensions in my toolbox and would like some recommendations!

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I've been working on a WinDBG extension for .NET debugging recently called SPT. I blogged about it here and have since release the source code on github.

It has extensions for a lot of common debugging tasks in .NET, such as dumping all the entries in a dictionary/hashtable, viewing all active SQL connections in a process, or viewing the target method of a delegate, to name a few.

There's also SOSEX, available here, which has some great features as well, like a recursive !do and some great tools for examining the managed heaps.

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psscor2 and psscor4 (for .NET 4) have the same commands as SOS but with some useful features such as showing deltas for !dumpheap as well as a couple of additional commands.

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Microsoft just released this previously internal only plugin as open source, netext. It apparently has some SQL like querying features of the .NET stack, and comands just for HTTP and WCF.

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