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I am looking to parse managed C++ files into a CodeDOM tree (or any other c# representation, for that matter). I see that CppCodeGenerator has been removed in .NET4, and it does not provide a Parse(string) implementation. Any ideas?


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Can't help with CodeDom; according to other posters there's no help for it anyway.

If you want robust, accurate parsers for C#, VB.net, VC++ and managed VC++ (and many other languages) you might consider our DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit and its family of language front-ends.

Using a front-end, DMS parses source into a detailed AST enabling further analysis, transformation, and generation of valid source code from modified ASTs. No, you can't manipulate these trees using C# calls; you have to do that from inside DMS, which offers a complete ecosystem for these tasks. But you can manipulate them from inside DMS in virtually arbitary ways.

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