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While working in the Properties Window today in Visual Studio 2008, I somehow managed to hit a keyboard shortcut that changed the text alignment from left-aligned to right-aligned. Note that I am not asking how to set the right-to-left property of a control. I am talking about the Properties Window itself in Visual Studio 2008. I tried looking for this setting in Visual Studio but I could not find it.

Properties Window right-to-left

How can I fix this so that the Properties Window shows the Property values left-aligned again?


If it helps any, the entering of text into the Property Window now seems to follow a right-to-left nature. For example, entering an underscore into a value places the underscore to the left of the text, even though the cursor is on the right-side of the text. This causes "foo" + "_" to become "_foo" and not "foo_"

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When you have a value for a property selected, right click and deselect the "Right to left Reading order" option in the context menu provided.

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That definitely worked. I must have somehow bumped the keyboard button that brings up the right-click context menu. Thanks! – avanek Jul 27 '11 at 19:44
Sometimes I wonder how people managed before internet – Daniel Dolz May 3 '13 at 12:24

I just faced the same problem with you.

The properties value is set to right-align when I press RightCtrl + RightShift + S. It will change back to left-align when I press LeftCtrl + LeftShift + S. Need to select on property value & not the property name when doing this.

Ctrl + Shift + S should be Save All but I'm not sure why it has this feature / bug.

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I tried reproducing the issue using these shortcuts but I was not able to. Perhaps this is a keyboard shortcut specific to the general environment settings? Mine started out as Visual Basic settings and has some custom ones I set. – avanek Jul 19 '11 at 13:26

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