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I have a WebBrowser control in a Windows Forms Host in a WPF application. I know that in order to print it's contents, I use simply WebBrowser.Print(), however, how can I tell the printer to print the contents in landscape rather than a portrait orientation? I've been searching the Internet on this and oddly enough, it seems to be actually something that is a bit hard to do -- is this really the case? It seems odd to me that it wouldn't be easily implementable.


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Did you ever get this resolved? – epalm Jan 9 '15 at 17:13

INFO: WebOCHostCSharp.exe Hosts the WebBrowser Control in C# .NET

The Print(String) method prints a document and does not display a dialog box. This method uses a Microsoft HTML (MSHTML) print template to automatically control print options such as paper size, orientation, and number of copies.

Note: This project does NOT contain this mystery overloaded method "Print(string)", It's actually called "PrintFormatted(string)"

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Well I have to admit. I'm more confused now after reading this.. – mracoker Jun 1 '12 at 20:37
Somehow, this KB article was removed, all we have now is the VB.NET cousin WebOCHostVB.exe And you can't actually "automatically control (...) paper size". The pageWidth and pageHeight properties of the TemplatePrinter object are read-only. You can switch them though, by setting the orientation property. – acelent Jan 30 '13 at 19:52

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