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I'm trying to configure a testing tool to use ODBC.Net to connect to a CA-Datacom database.

So I just downloaded & installed ODBC.Net. The testing tool wants a provider name, i.e. "MSDASQL" for Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Data Sources.

If I try to type in a provider name, such as "ADODB," I get an error saying that the provider isn't registered on the local machine.

Does anyone know what the appropriate provider name is for ODBC .Net?

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Does the site from which you downloaded the ODBC connector not list the provider name? –  GSerg May 10 '12 at 10:52
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Documentation explains that both system and user DSNs are created when the driver is installed. You therefore should be able to instantiate ODBCConnection with a connection string that uses the DSN syntax.

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