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I have some iphone application that I created. I want to test my application in ipod touch. How can I test my application in ipod touch? Now I have no Apple id my own. If I open an id then how many applications can be tested with that id?

If you have an available solution then please give me the answer and help me.

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Once you are accepted, you can develop an unlimited number of applications (and submit them to the App Store) with your one identity.

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If you want to test iPhone applications on a device, you'll need to be apply for the iPhone Developer Program. It costs $99 and will also let you submit applications to the App Store.

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The number of apps that you can then upload to your phone and submit to the app store is unlimited. – Tomas Andrle Jun 30 '10 at 19:56

Get an apple id and download the dev kit. It has all you need, including an emulator and a method for installing on local devices.

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