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Same as original question, using Eclipse, how can i tell what version of ANT it is configured to use?

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In Eclipse Helios:

  • Open the Preferences dialog (Window -> Preferences)
  • Navigate to the Ant -> Runtime page
  • Expand the Ant Home Entries node on the Classpath tab

This shows the path used for Ant classpath, which also reveals ANT_HOME for Eclipse.

So by default in Helios you will have something like:


On this same page, you can also change ANT_HOME to use a different version of Ant you have installed on your PC.

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In Eclipse Helios (version 3.6.2) the version of the various plug-in modules such as ANT can be determined in the following manner.

Select the Help -> "About Eclipse SDK" menu option
Click on the "Installation Details" button
Click on the "Plug-ins" Tab
The "Plug-in Name" column is where ANT can be found the version is in the next column.

There will probably be multiple references to ANT in the "Plug-in Name" column including

Ant Build Tool Core
Ant Launching support
Ant UI
Apache Ant

I believe the "Apache Ant" is the most relevant entry and the others deal with how ant integrates with eclipse.

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Create a build file and echo $ant.version

On Helios

  1. create an empty build.xml
  2. ctrl+space in the empty file and select the default build file template with 2 targets
  3. in the target called "default" add <echo>${ant.version}</echo>
  4. save the file
  5. right click on the build.xml in the navigator
  6. select run as ant build
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