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I have a custom built sign up component that I would like to enhance. I would like to show error messages before sending the data to the server (like "invalid email") using a built in alert system (other than modal) if possible. Is there any on iOS? Do I have to build one myself? I saw that some apps show a grey rectangle near the bottom of the screen, is that custom built?


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:)) very true....tell this to the designer I work with:(. I'll try to convince him anyhow now that you made me realize this. Thanks! –  Valentin Radu Jun 13 '11 at 21:25

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All iOS alerts are modal (for now). You will have to build your own if you want different functionality, but it isn't too difficult. You can put together a little UIView with a label that is normally hidden. Then just set the text and show it when you need to.

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Indeed it's not too difficult, but wanted to be %100 sure there is not a built in non-modal alert –  Valentin Radu Jun 13 '11 at 21:23

Check out this code sample if you want to use Tweetbot style notifications in your application, these are non modal


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