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PROBLEM BACKGROUND: I have two tables where the Primary Key's are Text fields.

When I repeatedly use SQLiteDatabase.insertWithOnConflict(myTable, null, myValues, SQLiteDatabase.CONFLICT_REPLACE) with the same data, I see ever increasing values being returned.

So it looks like INSERT is being performed (instead of REPLACE) for the same data sets.

PROBLEM: However, looking at these tables with "SQLite Database Browser" I see the correct number of records that I'd expect when REPLACE is performed.

The root to my confusion is the description Android documentation that states : *Returns the row ID of the newly inserted row OR the primary key of the existing row if the input param 'conflictAlgorithm' = CONFLICT_IGNORE OR -1 if any error*

QUESTION: Why is it that a REPLACE is done, but the row ID of the existing data isn't returned ?

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Seems to me like it is doing exactly what you are asking it to? You are asking it to replace and it does exactly that. It will remove the old row and insert the new one.

It would leave the old row and return that ID if you instead passed CONFLICT_IGNORE.

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If I have three rows: A, B, C and I pass in another A I was expecting it to replace the existing A and return a 1. But I suppose what it does is remove the existing A and the new row is number 4 – Someone Somewhere Jun 14 '11 at 21:23
This is exactly what it is supposed to do based on the documentation. It removes row A (Row 1), and re-inserts it as row A (which is now Row 4 since it is a NEW Insert after Row 3). I hope that makes sense. – mattdonders Oct 12 '12 at 20:46
Regarding your last sentence... no, CONFLICT_IGNORE should not be used. It does not work as expected. – Tom Apr 18 '13 at 17:22
catch(SQLException ex)
Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(),"name found before plz, change it", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
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