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I have a code

   static const guint8 variable;

when I put a documentation

 * \var static const guint8 variable;
 * \brief This is a variable
static const guint8 variable;

I do not get any output in the generated documentation. However, when the same thing is done with a simple variable decleration:

 * \var int someothervar;
 * \brief This is some other variable
int variable;

it does work

is that I am making some mistake in the usage ?

Thanks for any help in advance,

- elechi

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This has to be a bug in Doxygen. –  user142019 Jun 13 '11 at 21:36

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For extracting static variables you should set EXTRACT_STATIC to YES.

If the documentation is in front of the variable, you do not need (and should not use) \var

Either set EXTRACT_ALL to YES or add a comment with a @file command in your code to document the file itself.

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