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We are creating an html5 website for mobile and need to get camera access through the web browser without being a native app. We are having trouble making this work in iOS. Is anyone aware of a solution for this?

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If it's purely a web site, I don't think you can. If you can go with a native app built from compiled web code, you could leverage something like PhoneGap for that. –  DA. Jun 13 '11 at 21:35
I also need to implement such functionality in my project. Do you get any solution? –  Naresh J May 15 '13 at 9:21

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You could try this:

<input type="file" capture="camera" accept="image/*" id="cameraInput" name="cameraInput">

but it has to be iOS 6+ to work. That will give you a nice dialogue for you to choose either to take a picture or to upload one from your album i.e.


An example can be found here: Capturing camera/picture data without PhoneGap

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This is AWESOME on Android too! –  Matt Oct 2 '13 at 3:30
Nice demo for uploading to a server. Anyone know how to modify this to save the picture to a local album on the device? –  K.Niemczyk Oct 4 '13 at 17:16
The only problem is that, at least on iphone (ios 7.0.4) at least at the moment it creates a temporary image named always 'image.jpg'. So if you upload a few images in the same form, they overwrite each other due to same name unless you do something to rename them, be careful! –  aleation Jan 30 at 16:34
Does anyone know if this works on iOS, Android, and Win8.1? –  lamarant Feb 24 at 18:21
@K.Niemczyk: did you ever figure that out? if so i'd be interested in the solution. I found this: dev.w3.org/2009/dap/camera (see examples 6-7 for local storage) –  lamarant Feb 24 at 18:27

In iOS6, Apple supports this via the <input type="file"> tag. I couldn't find a useful link in Apple's developer documentation, but there's an example here.

It looks like overlays and more advanced functionality is not yet available, but this should work for a lot of use cases.

EDIT: The w3c has a spec that iOS6 Safari seems to implement a subset of. The capture attribute is notably missing.

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The Picup app is a way to take pictures from an HTML5 page and upload them to your server. It requires some extra programming on the server, but apart from PhoneGap, I have not found another way.

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I think this one is working. If it is not, probably will work on ios6 : get user media

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It is coming to HTML5. There is experimental support in Chrome and Opera. (That I know of, at time of writing)

See here for a demo: http://www.html5camera.com/ [I don't have an iPhone, can someone comment what you get at the above site]

Failing that, @SoFLy answer may be your best bet.

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