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im writing a bot that replies to a user message instantly. from what i've read their api only allows checking updates every minute or so.

it's there a push feature or a 3rd party service that pushes the new message to my server right away?

i've seen bots that can do this.

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can you share more details? you want to send a message to your server or to the user? is your message a fixed standard reply or does it depend on the message that the user sends? – Vinayak May 11 '09 at 10:50

Twitter allows white listing of apps. Then you are only limited to something like 20 or 200 thousand requests an hour. You might want to contact them.

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You can look at tweebot python micro framework.

A Python library to build twitter bots over tweepy library. It's a very simple and flexible way to create your own bot.

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