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In my script I use:

python from pkg_resources import resource_filename

Both PyDev and pylint 0.23 complain about unresolved import here.

E0611 No name 'resource_filename' in module 'pkg_resources'

As I understand, this happens due to the fact that both PyDev and pylint perform only source code analysis, without actually trying to parse/compile it. And apparently pkg_resources does something special to define pkg_resources. The package and symbol are of course there, and whole thing works just fine. Two questions:

  • How can I convince both Eclipse and PyDev that they're mistaken?
  • What causes the problem in the first place? I haven't found other people having this kind of problem, and I doubt my situation is somewhat unique... :)

Python 2.7.1 (under OSX), distribute 0.6.19.

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I had the same problem. For Pydev I found the answer on pydev.org: Go to the error line, hit ctrl-1, and select 'undefined variable'. It will then append a #@UndefinedVariable comment, and the error goes away.

For pylint, disabling E1101 does the trick, pragma # pylint: disable=E1101. Pylint pragmas just need to go at the same indent level, but the pydev comment had to be on the same line. My somewhat comment-cluttered function became:

def get_test_datafile(file_):
    # pylint: disable=E1101
    return pkg_resources.resource_string(__name__, #@UndefinedVariable
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Actually, for unresolved imports there's the more specific @UnresolvedImport suppression, and for pylint there's E0611 rather than E1101 (logilab.org/card/pylintfeatures) to form: from pkg_resources import resource_filename #@UnresolvedImport #pylint: disable=E0611 –  Tim Oct 3 '11 at 11:47

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