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I have following interface

 public interface IBuilder<T>
    T Create(string param);

with many classes that implement the interface above. One of them is:

 public class ConcreteABuilder : IBuilder<ConcreteA>
        public ConcreteA Create(string param)
            return new ConcreteA();

I'm using StructureMap to register all classes that implement IBuilder<>

Scan(x =>

Now, I have 2 cases


I get the types(in both cases) in the form of System.Type

Case 1

At runtime I get any T type(System.Type) (e.g. typeof(ConcreteA)) and I need to get the matched builder instance. In this case it must return ConcreteABuilder instance.

Case 2

At runtime I get the type(System.Type) of some implemented IBuilder(e.g. typeof(ConcreteABuilder)) and I need to get the matched builder instance. In this case it must return ConcreteABuilder instance.

How using StructureMap's ObjectFactory to solve Case1 & Case2?

Thank you

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How do you intend to use the ConcreateABuilder, if you do not know the closing generic type at compile time? Are you planning to use reflection to invoke the Create method? –  Joshua Flanagan Jun 14 '11 at 17:32
- somewhat related question, still unanswered is at stackoverflow.com/questions/6336897/… –  TheMar Jun 16 '11 at 16:11

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I think what you're looking for is registering your types with:


Then asking the container for an IBuilder<ConcreteA> or a ConcreteABuilder will return a ConcreteABuilder... now the problem is that since you don't know the type until runtime (selected by the user or something?), you can only use the non-generic version:

object someBuilder = ObjectFactory.GetInstance(thePassedInTypeAtRuntime);
... then use reflection to invoke the createMethod


dynamic someBuilder = (dynamic)ObjectFactory.GetInstance(thePassedInTypeAtRuntime);

and somewhere where you actually know that you're asking for a an IBuilder that can return ConcreteA

ConcreteA myA = someBuilder.Create(someParams);
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I don't know which type I'll get in order to resolve its builder. I receive the types as System.Type. I Updated my post –  theateist Jun 13 '11 at 22:55
Well, you either need to know the type at compile time (somewhere in your calling chain), or use reflection to invoke a method on the Builder... ie you can get the instance fine using ObjectFactory.GetInstance(typeHere); but you get a System.Object that you need to cast to some usable type... another possibility is to cast it to dynamic... –  Jaime Jun 14 '11 at 0:00

Use this in StructureMap configuration


now to resolve generic type at runtime

Type openType = typeof(IBuilder<>);//generic open type
var type = openType.MakeGenericType(modelType);//modelType is your runtime type

var builder = StructureMap.ObjectFactory.Container.GetInstance(type);//should get your ConcreteABuilder 
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Isn't builder just going to be of type object? How could we actually cast it to something we could call Create on? –  Cocowalla Jul 20 '12 at 10:55

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