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I'm finding it difficult getting started with regular expressions in python.

I have a bunch of strings now that look like this:

<street address><SPACE><#><SPACE><Suite number or letter>

I need to separate the Suite number from the rest of the string and save it in another variable. I also need a copy of the street address without the suite number.

Here are some examples:

    1111 19th St NW # 200
    1408 U St NW # A
    1509 17th St NW # 1
    1515 14th St NW # 1
    1612 K St NW # 1000
    1700 17th St NW # C
    1900 K St NW # 1200
    1900 M St NW # 200
    6034 Baltimore Ave # 2
    843 Quarry Road # 140
    8455 Colesville Rd # 100

What is a good way to do this?


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Something like this work for you?

s = '1111 19th St NW # 200'
n = s.split('#')[1].strip()

print n

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This will return the entirety of the string after the last space.

With a few of your strings as examples:

>>> L = ["1111 19th St NW # 200",
    "1408 U St NW # A",
    "1509 17th St NW # 1",
    "1515 14th St NW # 1"]
>>> [s.split()[-1] for s in L]
['200', 'A', '1', '1']
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Well, I'm not sure how variable your input can be, but either one of these patterns would grab the suite numbers from the examples you gave:


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