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I have an app that listens on a localhost port. I want a minimal launcher to bring that app's to the front.

My app is in Java. I don't know how to write any exe files, but I can write bat files, and then make a shortcut that launches the bat file without showing the terminal. I would like to have the bat file send some data to a port (preferably UDP so there will not be any stream overhead).

How can I send data to a UDP port?

One of the things I thought of was nslookup, but that will only connect to port 53 as far as I know.

This only needs to work on Windows. Would like it to work on XP and up, but I can make a workaround if necessary.

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This is a job for netcat.


After installing you can easily launch it from the command line or write a BAT script to execute it for you. To send date through UDP rather than TCP, use the "-u" switch.

For example, to send the data to UPD port 2345 on localhost execute:

nc -u localhost 2345

Then type the data you want to send.

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Interesting how my AV freaks out. –  Oleg Vaskevich Jan 24 '14 at 1:53

You can send an udp packet like this : c:\nemesis\nemesis.exe udp -P do7on.txt -D -y 1025

Nemesis : http://nemesis.sourceforge.net/

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