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In Vimrc...

I want shift+backspace to go back 1 tab. (opposite of tab)

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Is this gvim or vim at the terminal? Because most terminals don't send a code for shift-backspace that's distinguishable from the one for backspace. –  hobbs Jun 13 '11 at 23:47
I just want to go backwards by 1 tab space. I dont' care how it's done. I'm on Mac. –  TIMEX Jun 13 '11 at 23:52
What's the opposite of a tab? –  sidyll Jun 14 '11 at 0:36
The opposite of tab is tab in the other direction. –  TIMEX Jun 14 '11 at 3:30
Do you want to do this in insert or normal mode? The solution I posted is for normal mode, the solution posted by tungd is for insert mode. –  cledoux Jun 14 '11 at 3:50

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I think you can achieve "one tab backwards" with plain backspace with:

set backspace=indent,eol,start

Anyway if this did not work, you can use <c-d> (that's Ctrl + D) or mapping any key to this. I use Shift + Tab in insert mode:

inoremap <s-tab> <c-d>
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inoremap works. –  TIMEX Jun 14 '11 at 6:17
:nmap <S-BS> <<

This will unindent while in normal mode. Add it to your .vimrc to make permanent. This was tested to work in gvim, but it didn't work in my terminal. As hobbs pointed out, most terminals don't recognize shift backspace.

See the answer by tungd for how to do it insert mode. You can actually use both mappings to enable it for both normal and insert mode.

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