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i can see that do_action puts a tag in the code which can be used then by add_action .... however i cant see how add_filter and apply_filters correlates with this .... one would think that there would be a do_filter which would add a tag to the code much like do_action but neither of these seem to do this .... and neither of them have a simple form like do_action( $tag ) - they have required callback functions ...... i have read a couple of other posts here but am none the wiser... can anyone help

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Filters in wordpress are used to modify text. So, for instance:

Stripping SQL statements from a block of text before putting it in the database to avoid injection attacks. That would be a filter.

Actions are functions that are called when wordpress does something. For instance, (from docs), emailing someone when a post is written.



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thanks - yes i knew that .... i was confused about the specific functions themselves and the naming conventions .... i've since discovered that add action is to do action what apply filters is to do filters –  byronyasgur Jun 19 '11 at 23:42

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