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It's easy for a WPF application to make parts of a window transparent or semi-transparent. But how to I apply the current Vista theme (colors, opacity) to these transparent parts?

When I have a green glass border how will I get a green glass background of the same style?

Is it even possible to do this without calls to the Windows API?

I am thinking of something like this

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Isn't that the color of the background, that is making its mark? And not the theme color? – MartinHN Mar 11 '09 at 9:34
@MartinHN The theme adds a tint to the glass but the background will still show through depending on how transparent the glass is supposed to be in the theme. – Bryan Anderson Dec 4 '09 at 20:39
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Here's a nice example:

CodeProject: Adding Glass Effect to WPF using Attached Properties

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Take a look at this link, look for the section titled "IE7 – Extending the glass frame":

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Here's the official documentation on extending the Aero glass effect in your WPF app:

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