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I'm quite new to C++ and wxWidgets.

wxTextCtrl* text = new wxTextCtrl(panel, SOME_ID);

My question is how to get that text control by its ID. I would like to change its value in a different scope. Do I need to keep a pointer to each widget that could have its state changed or is there a way to get that pointer from its ID?

This is probably an easy question, but I guess I couldn't find the correct search terms to find an answer.

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Don't have a machine with wx handy but wxWindow::FindWindow & co should do the trick. – Eugen Constantin Dinca Jun 14 '11 at 2:07
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You probably want the static function wxWindow::FindWindowById. It returns a plain wxWindow pointer so you will have to cast it to a wxTextCtrl pointer for your example.

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Are you sure you want to fetch the text control by it's ID from a different scope?

I think a cleaner solution is to create a Window/Dialog class containing the wxTextCtrl. Then this new class should have a pointer to the wxTextCtrl it contains. Then add a member function to the Window/Dialog class for setting the text. Something like:

class MyWindow: public wxWindow
      void setTextCtrlText(const wxString &str) { m_textCtrl->ChangeValue(str); };
      wxTextCtrl *m_textCtrl;

This way you do not have to find a control by ID, you don't have to cast and you do not have to use the ID for the text control in a different scope.

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