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I am having two controls on main screen one is text box and other is button.

On button click, i want to store textbox data into one of my sql server table.

As i am newbie in BB dev, so not sure which approach i have to follow to achieve this.

Any help or lights on this will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance !!

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try these links:



if you search stackoverflow also u can find many links.

Enjoy coding :)

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You can get data from textbox using textbox.getText();

Store it as string and then you can insert this data referring this code:

            URI myURI = URI.create("file:///SDCard/Databases/SQLite_Guide/" +
            d = DatabaseFactory.open(myURI);

            Statement st = d.createStatement("INSERT INTO People(textboxid) " +
                                             "VALUES (textbox.getText())");

        catch ( Exception e ) 
            System.out.println( e.getMessage() );
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