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Do you know a good and most important detailed Tabu search example.

Something not to hard, as I am in the way to understand this cool algorithm.

I have found this tutorial and this with a SAT problem, but it is not very detailed

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I learned it from Wikipedia years ago, but this book is much better. For code examples, take a look at Drools Planner's source code.

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I wrote a blog about tabu search and how it's used to solve the TSP, along with the java implementation. I hope it's of help.

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Clever Algorithms by Jason Brownlee PhD describes Tabu Search and also includes sample Ruby code.

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Your code in your blog doesn't consider aspiration, and it won't give good result with hight number of cities 80+

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This should be a comment. Even if you can't post comments, don't post them as a answer. You don't even mention to which post you are refering. –  ziggystar May 22 '13 at 8:43
He mentioned the blog link, and I replied according to it But I didn't find comment option before –  Yasmin Fathy May 23 '13 at 9:04

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