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I need to be able to select the whole word of a TMemo if the caret is directly adjacent or in a word in the memo.

Consider the following (where | is a caret)

Here is some text| = Select text

Here is so|me text = Select some

|Here is some text = Select Here

Here is some text | = Select ''

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Check this code with comments to explain how works.

function SelectWordUnderCaret(AMemo:TMemo):string;
   Line    : Integer;
   Column  : Integer;
   LineText: string;
   InitPos : Integer;
   EndPos  : Integer;
   //Get the caret position
   Line   := AMemo.Perform(EM_LINEFROMCHAR,AMemo.SelStart, 0) ;
   Column := AMemo.SelStart - AMemo.Perform(EM_LINEINDEX, Line, 0) ;
   //Validate the line number
   if AMemo.Lines.Count-1 < Line then Exit;

   //Get the text of the line
   LineText := AMemo.Lines[Line];

   InitPos := Column;
   //search the initial position using the space symbol as separator
   while (InitPos > 0) and (LineText[InitPos] <> ' ') do Dec(InitPos);

   EndPos := Column;
   //search the final position using the space symbol as separator
   while (EndPos <= Length(LineText)) and (LineText[EndPos] <> ' ') do Inc(EndPos);

   //Get the text
   Result := Trim(Copy(LineText, InitPos, EndPos - InitPos));

   //Finally select the text in the Memo
   AMemo.SelStart  := AMemo.Perform(EM_LINEINDEX, Line, 0)+InitPos;
   AMemo.SelLength := Length(Result);

and you can use like this

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
     Caption := SelectWordUnderCaret(Memo1) ;
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To get caret position you can use AMemo.CaretPos –  SimaWB Jun 14 '11 at 6:18
+1. This algorithm is very good for actual use, that is, if you really want to use it for a TMemo: it only reads the required line of text, not the whole memo as mine does. It's probably unicode-enabled because it tests for whitespace, and that's something the OP needs to think about (what constitutes a word?). –  Cosmin Prund Jun 14 '11 at 7:05
Brilliant, Thanks RRUZ. I had a similar one to Cosmins but this looks more efficient. –  Simon Jun 14 '11 at 7:52

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