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I just want to know programatically if the iPhone is in airplane mode. I know We have to add SBUsesNetwork boolean flag in the info plist but that dose not serve my purpose. Actually I am using reachabillity class to identify the internet availability so when my app when starts in airplane mode gives two alert one from my code and other from SBUsesNetwork flag . I juts want to display either of these two alerts. So I want to programatically know if the phone is in airplane mode ?

Any idea or suggestions would be of great help ?

Thanks in advance !!

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may be this


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Already been posted about here. Maybe this'll help.

iPhone: Detect airplane mode

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NSDictionary* infoDict = [[NSBundle mainBundle] infoDictionary];
[infoDict objectForKey:@"SBUsesNetwork"];

Hope this helps.

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