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During the setup of windows service I get the error:

error 1001 no mapping between account and security windows service We use a custom user account for the server. (administrator account)

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I have same issue – Grzenio Mar 13 '09 at 15:32

To avoid asking the same question again I'm posting my own findings below.

This page mentions something about file Gpttmpl.inf and some possible causes for the mapping error:

  • An account does not exist on domain member computers.
  • A SAM account name differs from its domain account name.
  • The client is running a Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI) that uses a different default language than the domain controller.
  • A SAM account name was renamed on the client computers.

I am getting similar error when the install on my Windows 7 PC is about to finish.

Error 1001: No mapping between account names and and security IDs was done

The MSI is generated from a VS 2010 setup project for a .NET Windows service targeting .NET Framework 4.

My MSI would install fine and the service would start fine when using VS 2008. Only after converting service solution to VS 2010 I started getting the issue, even though the domain account /USERNAME=thisdomain\thisaccount /PASSWORD=thispasswd exists and all the requirements above are taken care of.

I did overcome the issue temporarily by removing the original /USERNAME= /PASSWORD= values (meant for the server), from the CustomActionData property (right-click the setup project, select view, select Custom Actions, right-click the Install Primary output, select properties).

Rebuild the setup project and now the MSI ran/installed the service successfully.

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It sounds to me like you may not be fully qualifying the account name that you are using for your service. While this link may be slightly off topic I think it should be helpful.

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