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Not sure if there still are many CAT.NET users, but I recently encounreted a problem using CAT.NET (v1.1.1.9 command line) and some suggestions would help.

Recently I setup a new machine for CAT.NET, and the reports generated all have the statement (the code snip of the vulnerability) missing.

I've been using CAT.NET for quite a while but never experienced this before. After some testing, I noticed that if I log on as a local user, the report would be missing statements. But if I log on as a domain user, the report would be fine.

I tried to use ProcMon to see if there's anything interesting but without luck. Any ideas? Thanks!

This is a screenshot of the report. When the scan is done by a local user, the statement would be missing: http://ploader.net/files/46b1bfe50cea37943c31028e70d66669.png

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Turned out it's because the path referenced inside the PDB files are only accessible by domain users. If only there's a way to generate relative path in PDB files or modify them...

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