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I have a problem with 2 possible solutions.

  1. How to force Opera to cache .ajax calls in jQuery?
  2. How can i force Opera browser to reload page if user reaches it by clicking Back button?

Test scenario: open page, navigate any link, then return to the page via back button. Page is fetched from cache.

I've already read several articles( on StackOverflow as well ) and none of them are working: 1) Cache HTTP headers - ignored 2) Meta tags - ignored 3) Solution with js onunload event and flag variable - doesnt work

Any other suggestions?

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Is it POST or GET?

Similar issue here:

Why Ajax request, using the GET method, cannot be cached in Opera? Please look at this small test:

It seems that Opera (mine is 10.10), in contrast to IE, FF, GC, and Safari, is not caching the ajax response, even if it is explicitly told to do that. Any ideas?

And the answer:

It now seems that the problem is in the jQuery library.

I made another test , it uses more low level XHR object, not the jQuery's "ajax" as it was in the first test. And now Opera is fine!

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