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Is it a good idea to copyright your app's code and trademark the name prior to submitting it to Apple? Although the code is not groundbreaking, the app is a new idea and the name is catchy.

Thus, it seems like a smart move, even though it would delay the application from being released. I was hoping to get some thoughts from the community on this subject; especially if others have gone through a similar dilemma.

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In pretty much most of the world, your code is copyright the moment you write it, there isn't a specific legal process you have to go through for that. As for trademarks, that is something totally different - it both costs a reasonable amount of money to get your trademark registered, you may have to do it in several countries, and you have to be prepared to legally defend your trademark - if you don't an infringer can assume control of it.

In any case, these are questions best left to lawyers.

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