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Good morning; my google-fu seems to be lacking today.

I've just been upgraded to a Vista64 machine, and we only now have a 32 bit subversion server.

I assume there is no problem using 64bit tortoisesvn with the 32 bit server ?

Thanks. Max.

(Edit) Thank you all.

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Another similar question you may ask yourself: Can I use a 64bit web browser (let's say IE7) with a 32bit web server? –  Milen A. Radev Mar 12 '09 at 12:32

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There won't be a problem, they are basically independent since the protocol between them has done by another channel.

Also I've got he same setup and it works just fine.

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Correct, the architecture of server or client don't matter. SVN would have to be severly broken for it to matter, even.

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Similar situation to you, using a Vista x64 on development workstations and 2003 x32 for the reposetory server. Tortoise SVN x64 works fine.

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