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I have a question about python standard logging mechanism. So if I use logging.config.fileConfig to load my configuration file, then I create loggers for some modules using logging.getLogger test them right after creation and they work. Now if I call logging.config.fileConfig again with the same configuration file and create loggers for some other module would the previos ones still work ? Basically for the following logic:

logger1 = logging.getLogger(module1)
logger2 = logging.getLogger(module2)
logger3 = logging.getLogger(module3)

config_file is the same in both calls. Should logger1 and logger2 be functional ? How about if config_file is different in those calls? Currently my logger1 and logger2 are not working after i load a new config_file. So first step is to check if this is normal behaviour. If so is it possible to make this work without merging the two config_files into one big one?

Regards, Bogdan

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Config files are intended to completely replace the existing configuration with whatever is in the confguration - any loggers which are not named in the configuration, or children thereof, are disabled by fileConfig(), as documented here. you can prevent this disabling, but only on recent Python versions. It's not generally good practice to call fileConfig() multiple times in a program, unless you have a specific need to do so. It's not forbidden, but it's not usual.

A common usage involves configuring handlers on the root logger and perhaps one or two top-level loggers; does this apply to you?

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Hey, the handlers are the same for all the defined loggers, but I do need a different qualname for each module. Passing a "disable_existing_loggers = False" got the result I wanted. – Bogdan Jun 14 '11 at 10:27

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