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What is the meaning of T in this datetime pattern ?

yyyy'-'MM'-'dd'T'HH':'mm':'ss 2011-06-14T04:12:36

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It just shows the start of the Time component in a standard ISO 8601 date time string. Wikipedia has a detailed page about this standard format.

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In ISO 8601 (UTC) T is used to designate the Time component. See "Combined date and time representations" in

Find out about UTC here:

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it means "Time". this has been asked and answered a lot. see

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[T] is time designator for ISO 8601 format of <date>T<time>.

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Without some context, that's hard to answer.

However, according to the SimpleDateFormat JavaDoc 'T' is meaningless i.e. just a string literal.

This is supported by the fact the T is visible in your output string. Perhaps it means time?

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It's from ISO 8601 which specifies a standard timestamp format:

The character [T] shall be used as time designator to indicate the start of the representation of the time of day component in these expressions.

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