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What tools or techniques can I use to protect my ASP.NET web application from Denial Of Service attacks

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Try the Dynamic IP Restriction extension http://www.iis.net/download/dynamiciprestrictions

Not a perfect solution, but helps raise the bar =)

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It's a broad area, so if you can be more specific about your application, or the level of threat you're trying to protect against, I'm sure more people can help you.

However, off the bat, you can go for a combination of a caching solution such as Squid: http://www.blyon.com/using-squid-proxy-to-fight-ddos/, Dynamic IP Restriction (as explained by Jim) and if you have the infrastructure, an active-passive failover setup, where your passive machine serves placeholder content which doesnt hit your database / any other machines. This is last-defence, so that you minimise the time a DDOS might bring your entire site offline for.

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