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I use PHP and Simple XML.

I use a loop that does not work like expected:

foreach($item->Image->attributes()->source as $key => $value)
    echo $value;

In the foreach I try to tell that I want to get the "source" of the image which is listed in the attributes.

$item above is created with a loop around my code above foreach($xml_content->Section->Item as $item {}, (if you need to know where it came from)

My object looks like this:

object(SimpleXMLElement)#36 (4) {
        string(15) "Vinbergs socken"
        string(73) "Vinbergs socken ingick i Faurås härad och ligger i Falkenbergs kommun.
        string(44) ""
         object(SimpleXMLElement)#38 (1) {
                  array(3) {
                            string(113) ""
                          string(2) "50"
                            string(2) "41"

What is wrong with my loop in the beginning of my post?

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What's your error/problem? –  faileN Jun 14 '11 at 8:26

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Your are trying to iterate a string, not an array


To iterate all the attributes of the Image element, use

foreach ($item->Image->attributes() as $attributeName => $attributeValue) {

If you just want to output the value of the source attribute, do not iterate but use the shorthand

echo $item->Image['source']

See this demo and the SimpleXml Basic Usage Examples in the PHP Manual

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