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Many times I'm having a problem with printing in function foo, and I want to look for all occurences of Print in code which is reachable in the Control Flow Graph from function foo. Or in all code in the paths between foo and bar (as I verified an assumption is true before I call foo, and false after I reach bar, so I want to find out what's happening in between).

Is there any tool that allows me to do that easily. I'm not going to compile all my C code with CIL, and write an OCaml module to do search with the CFG. I want something that works with minimum hassle.

Eclipse CDT should be able to do that (you can calculate the CFG with show function hiererchy), but I didn't find something similar there.

I'm now targeting C/C++, but I'll be glad to hear about similar tools? I'm not sure CQL have a way to express that.

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