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when i run in firefox


i got error that `405 Method Not Allowed`

so how i can allow this to call from anywhere without any authentication.
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Following link might help you

How to consume WCF service using JQuery

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Thanks !............. –  Anirugu Jun 14 '11 at 9:04

For disable authentication, you have to cahnge setting of your Web Server (IIS for examble). For your web site you have to enable Anonymous Authentication.

Try to open the URI "http://localhost:54507/Service1.svc" on your browser.

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Sounds like the web server is not correctly setup for wcf there are some settings documented on MSDN that may help.

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Please run firebug and have a look at what is attempting to be posted and then set a breakpoint on your svc code...

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Is your webserver set to only accept https requests? Making a request using http when the resource requires https can result in a 405.

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