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When I run these three lines in irb it works

date="02 Jul 2008, 08:41"
d=Date.strptime(date, "%d %b %Y, %H:%M").iso8601

but when used in a loop, which works fine without these lines, the loop discontinues after generating the output for the first step. the code which generates the date value is getting marked as nil example code is as following

page_doc = page_doc.xpath('//div[@id="page-body"]').first
page_doc.xpath('./div').each do |div|
  if author_node == nil
    author = "NA"
    author = author_node.content.chomp.strip.gsub("Gjest:", "")
  author_url_node = div.xpath('.//p[@class="author"]/strong/a/@href').first
  if author_url_node == nil
    author_url = "NA"
    author_url = @site + author_url_node.content.chomp.strip 
  date_node = div.xpath('.//p[@class="author"]').first
  date = SDF::force_ascii(date_node.content.chomp.strip.reverse[0..17].reverse) if date_node

  content = format_description(div.xpath('.//div[@class="content"]'))
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To me it is not clear how you bind your two code samples? Is the second the loop without the first lines? And where do you place the lines then, with which variables? Or is the SDF::force_ascii the method performing those top 4 lines? – nathanvda Jun 14 '11 at 9:56

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date_node = div.xpath('.//p[@class="author"]').first

if div.xpath('.//p[@class="author"]') is empty, date_node is nil.

date = SDF::force_ascii(date_node.content.chomp.strip.reverse[0..17].reverse) if date_node
# that hurted
date = SDF:::force_ascii(date_node.content.strip[-17, 17])

if date_node is nil, the date=SDF::force_ascii(date_node.content.chomp.strip.reverse[0..17].reverse) will not be executed.

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