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I've got a IntentService (actually a WakefulIntentService!) that returns result to requests (i.e., from activities) using a PendingIntent that is added to the intent used to start the service. Earlier I used ResultReceiver but found that it crashes if the device goes to sleep or is rotated while the request is being handled.

As unit test for this service I'm using the ServiceTestCase<Service> class. That worked fine when using ResultReceiver since it could be added to the intent passed to the service. However, ServiceTestCase does not contain Activity's createPendingResult method.

Therefore I wonder what's the best approach for testing this service. Should I use ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 or ActivityUnitTestCase instead for my unit test? Or any better ideas?

Btw, I read in the Android Dev. guide chapter on Services the following:

"However, if you want the service to send a result back, then the client that starts the service can create a PendingIntent for a broadcast (with getBroadcast()) and deliver it to the service in the Intent that starts the service. The service can then use the broadcast to deliver a result."

Using broadcasts for a IntentService that is local to the activities sounds like overkill to me, but I'll be happy to hear others' opinions on that.

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